Indore police registered FIR against theft of mother’s jewelry to repay online rummy nabob debt

The police at Juni in Indore registered an FIR on Saturday night based on a complaint from a woman against her son for theft. The son, identified as Ayush, is addicted to online rummy games. Nai Duniya reports that to repay debts incurred from losses in the game, he stole his mother’s jewellery and sold it to a jeweller.

According to T.I. Shailendra Singh Jadon, the complaint was lodged by Poonam Dullani, a resident of Jeevandeep Colony. Poonam had gone to her elder son Kamal’s shop on February 28. Her husband Bachharam was also not home at the time. When she returned in the evening, she discovered that the locker in the almirah was empty, and her gold jewellery, including chains, bangles, rings, and tops, along with Rs.75,000, was missing. When the family confronted the younger son, Ayush, he refused to have any knowledge of the theft.

Upon the family’s inquiry and suspicion, Ayush confessed to the theft. He cited his involvement in online rummy games as the reason for his act. Apparently, Ayush had incurred debts due to losses in the game, and to repay them, he stole his mother’s jewellery. He then distributed the money among the members of the online rummy nabob.

T.I. Jadon said that the police are gathering information about both the youths involved in playing the game and the jewellers who purchase gold. The investigation aims to uncover the extent of Ayush’s involvement in the online rummy nabob and track down the jewellers who bought the stolen jewellery.

The case sheds light on the negative impact of online gaming, where individuals resort to criminal activities to cope with financial losses incurred during gameplay. The police are actively working to apprehend those involved in this incident, highlighting the need for awareness and regulation in the online gaming sector to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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